a). How the game works

Your team has daily (except in weekends and the season-change week) 2 matches and 2 traings to complete. The matches take place at 3am and 3pm and the trainings are at 9am and pm (game time). Everything is simulated so you don't have to do anything during the matches. You can set your line-up and tactics before.

b). Money

You start with $15,000,000. There are many ways to earn money: match revenues, selling players, signing sponsor contracts etc. You also have to pay player and staff salaries every round at the time the training is being completed.

c). Credits

The credits are very useful, use them wisely!
Ways to gain credits: 15 credits are given to you free at the beginning of each season, 7 credits for promoting, you can also buy credits by credit card or with SMS, you can gain them by winning custom cups or you can recieve them from another player.
Things to spend credits on: training camps, friendlies, renaming your team, updating your stadium logo etc.
You can also convert money into credits or credits into money, but the number of conversions are limited to 50 per season.

d). Competitions

League: You play here 15 matches, twice against each other team in your department.
League Cup: Only for div 4 and lower teams. It's a one match knockout based tournament against teams in your whole league.
Department Cup: Knockout based tournament against teams in your own department. Only 5th and 6th division teams play in department cups.
Champios League: Here play the best teams in every league. Only the teams in the first division have the chance to qualify in Champions League. The tournament begins with 8 groups made of 8 teams each and the teams that manage to finish on the top 2 places qualify for the knockout round.
Custom cups: Can be played during weekends. If the cup is credit-free, you only have to pay money to join it, else you have to pay 2 credits too. A very good way to grow your player's attributes.

e). Sponsors

You can choose between a few sponsors at the beginning of each season. Some sponsors offer you better pay pe round, others give you more money if you win the department you're playing in. The best way to select a sponsor is by calculating the money you get for the position you think you will finish the season on. There were lately introduced sponsors which give you credits too. Choose wisely!

f). Staff

It is recommended to get the best coaches (excellent ones) since the beginning. You dont need any Caretaker or Psycho until your team has improved and you play in a high division. The scout can be very helpful when buying a player.

g). Youth player

You get at the beginning of each season a 17 years old player. A better Yputh Academy stadium upgrade and playing in a higher division can bring you a better youth player. See the minimum quality of what you can get here.

h). Forums

Being active in forums helps you keeping n touch with other managers, but it can also help you learn this game better by sharing your game experience with others. The only place where you can advertise the players you want to sell is here.

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