As money plays an important role in Managerleague, knowing the best ways to obtain it is always an advantage.

1. Stadium income

Always invest your money in stadium upgrades. Some upgrades might look expensive, but it will be definitely worth it on a long run. After a time you can have a nice profit from your home matches.

2. Friendlies

Playing many friendlies at home will bring you a decent profit too. It depends on the division how much money you earn, but playing about 100 home friendlies per season can bring you 30-40 mil...not bad at all.

3. Player transfers

It is a good strategy not to buy players only for your team performance, but also to sell them later at a bigger price. If you see a cheap player on the market or a good teamless player, buy him and try making some profit after 2 weeks when you sell him...this player might also gain good meanwhile, so you can get rich by making such deals.

4. Credits

In your preferences page you can convert up to 50 credits to money. It might not sound a good deal for most of the players, but for a newbie money is hard to earn. That's why you can buy some credits with real money and than convert them to money.

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