Playing friendlies is the best way to make your players grow. You can play a maximum amount of 200 friendlies per season.

There are 3 ways of playing friendlies:
     - to accept open ones (costs you nothing, but you dont earn money) - you can only accept 100 open friendlies per season
     - to issue open friendlies (anyone can accept it, costs you one credit, but you earn money)
     - to play sets with someone (you invite someone to play a friendly with you and you will be invited by the same person aftarwards, so you will play 2 friendlies with only one credit)

Optimizing advantages of playing friendlies

It is known that there is a certain "compatibility" between teams when it comes to playing friendlies. That means that you have better chances to gain attributes when playing against one team than other. That's why it is recommended to play sets with the same team, if you notice good attribute increases.

An other way to make your gains better is to change the formation/pressure/playstyle until you find the one which provides the best results.

Players positioning plays an important role when playing friendlies. For example a midfielder may have better chances to gain attributes when played on a central position than playing as a wing midfielder.

Of course, better scouted players have better chances to gain attributes in friendlies.


Many players find it impossible to play 200 friendlies per season and also have a good performance in official matches. Actually, it is very easy: you play friendlies between the league match and training, until your players reach the certain amount of fitness that will allow them to reach back at 100 when rested at training. That means you can playat least 5-6 friendly matches per round (depends on the size of your squad and on the stamina of the players). You can also set your team training on rest so your players can gain additional fitness points. The league pause between rounds 31 and 37 provides you alot of time and fitness to play many friendlies.

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