Trainings are made daily (except weekends) twice, at 9am and 9pm ML time. Both individual and team training are completed.
Training camps can be executed 5 times during a season: every Sunday at 6pm and on round 36, on Wednesday, at 6pm too. Please note that training camp must be booked in advance.

a) Individual traning

Individual training helps raising your player's attributes. Each player also gains 2 fitness points when it's completed. Attribute gaining is based on the learning potential of each player and also on how high the respective attribute is.
You can also rest your player during training and he will gain his stamina devided by 10 fitness points (so when resting a player with 78 stamina, he will gain 7 fitness) beside the 2 points he gains anyway. But the player won't gain any attributes when rested.

b) Team traning

Team training has 10 different attributes. Those attributes are very important in matches.

-Attacking, Defending, Teamplay and Understanding are the most important team-stats.You should keep them as high as possible.
-Freekick and Corner are also important for your team to be more dangerous.
-The Penalty stat makes both your penalty taker to shoot better, but also improves the chances that your keeper will guard the incoming shots from the penalty spot.
-Offside is only important if you choose to play your matches with the offside trap option turned on. It is not sure if your attackers will be caught more often offside if this stat is low.
-Throw-in can bring you good chances during a match, but dont rely on this attribute.
-Morale is a very special attribute. It helps your players play better in matches and it can play a very important role. The morale stat is reset each season at 50. Winning matches in League, League Cup, Champions League, Department Cup and in Custom Cups can also bring you a morale boost.

You have 4 traning slots to assign at each training. The attribute you assign in each slot has a chance to grow when training is simulated. You can also set the slots on "rest" and each player will gain another bonus fitness point for each such slot.
It is very important to know that the chances team attributes will grow is higher if less players are rested in individual training.

c) Training camps

Training camps are like additional trainings, but more effective.
It costs 2 credits to arrange a training camp.
Team attributes can grow much better than in normal training.
You have to chose 3 settings when arranging a camp:

- Location:
     > Domestic - costs $100,000 , gives you a small morale boost
     > Abroad - costs $1,000,000 , gives you a good morale boost
     > Exotic - costs $3,000,000 , gives you a very good morale boost
- Accomodation:
     > 2 stars - costs $500,000 , restores 1 firness point for each player
     > 3 stars - costs $1,500,000 , restores 3 firness point for each player
     > 4 stars - costs $2,500,000 , restores 5 firness point for each player
     > 5 stars - costs $4,000,000 , restores 7 firness point for each player
- Intensity:
     > Leisure - costs $100,000
     > Normal - costs $500,000
     > High - costs $1,000,000
     > Extreme - costs $3,000,000
      the higher the intesity, the better chances your players will gain attributes and your team stats will improve

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