The Quality is the most important thing which describes a player. It is calculated with the help of the attributes.
Each attribute is more or less important for each position. The formula of the Quality is only known by Spinner, but you can find a pretty accurate Q calculator here.

Main attribute: Kp
Secondary stats: Pe,Sp,Pa,St

Main attribute: Tk
Secondary stats: Pa,Sp,St,He

Main attribute: Pa
Secondary stats: Sh,Sp,Tk,St

Main attribute: Sh
Secondary stats: Sp,Pe,He,Pa

Kp=Keeping; Tk=Tackling; Pa=Passing; Sh=Shooting; He=Heading; Sp=Speed; St=Stamina.

Growing your players

Your players have the chance to gain attributes each time they play a match.
Those chances depend on some things:

- Age (the lower your player's age is, the higher chances to gain attributes)
- Attribute value (it's more likely a player gains if his attributes are low)
- Match importance (the players grow better in league matches than in friendlies)

Players positioning

The players are positioned from left to right on the pitch. So, for example, in a 4-4-2 formation, the 2nd player will be your leftmost defender and your 5th player will be the rightmost one.

It is very important to put each of your players on the ideal position.The main stat is the most important for everyone, but some attributes might make your players play alot better:

Wing defender: Sp,Pe,Pa
Central defender: Tk,He,St

Wing midfielder: Sp,Pa
Central midfielder: Sh,Tk

Wing attacker: Sp
Central attacker: He

Captain and kick takers

-Captain: The captain can boost the performance of the players who play on the same position (ex: if your captain is a midfielder, the other midfielders might play better). It is important for him to be very experienced, so his age should be as high as possible and he should have played many matches during his entire career. Perception is also important for a captain.
-Attacking free kick: You should choose here your best passer and shooter. Perception is also said to help a bit.
-Defending free kick: Passing is the most important attribute here, perception might help too.
-Corner: The passing stat plays the most important role here. If you have more players with high passing, it is useful to put a player with low heading to execute the corner, so he wont be the one who will have to recieve the ball.
-Penalty: Choose here the player with the best shooting and perception.

Notes: The player you choose to execute the free kicks or corners won't always be the one who does that. In case of penalty shoot-out, the 11th player (your rightmost attacker) will be the first one to execute the panalty shot.

Hidden attributes

Each player also has some hidden attributes, but unfortunately, only spinner knows them. However, we can easily determine some of them such as learning and temper. Hidden attributes are the reason why a player with better Q might play worse than a player with lower Q.


You can scout a player to know his growing potential. Please note that a better scouted player has only increased chances to grow better, but gaining attributes is still based on luck. The better a scout is and the more matches the player has played, the more accurate the scout report will be. Don't scout a player until he has played a few matches (even friendlies), because you risk to be given a false report from your scout.


Fitness is very important when playing matches. A player with only 90 fitness will only play at 90% of his full potential. Thats why it is recommended to have all your players with 99-100 fitness when playing a match, unless your opponent is much weaker than you. You lose fitness everytime you play a match and the fitness loss is determined by how your tackling is set (soft tackling will determine less fitness loss).A player with fitness lower than 80 is declared injured and can't play in friendlies.

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